Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate dealings involve various details and among these feature many legal details as well. Many have this erroneous belief that hiring a real estate agent/broker would be enough for the job. An agent can only help you locate a suitable property, contact the buyer/seller and work out the terms and conditions and has no legal advice to offer to his/her client.

If you are interested in such a deal, it is better to talk to a legal professional well in advance. Only a proficient real estate attorney would be able to advice you correctly about this kind of dealings. They are aware of the pitfalls these deals are prone to and thus could help you avoid those from happening.

The deal is sure going to involve a lot of paperwork. Understanding what each of these say is time consuming. Moreover, in most cases the legal jargon used in these documents is quite incomprehensible. Your attorney would be able to help you obtain a clear idea about what these say. They would also be able to draft and review any documents necessary for the deal.

In most cases, a real estate agent only gets a commission after the completion of a sale. This is why they are inclined to push the deal. This is not the case with a real estate attorney. He/she is there to offer legal advice and counsel.

Therefore, he would help you understand the pros and cons of the deal from a neutral perspective.
You are sure to appoint an attorney if you face legal hassles; isn’t it a good idea to do the same before? After all, prevention is always better than cure. A lawsuit would waste your time and money. However, if you hire a competent attorney there would be no such hassle later.

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