DUI – What To Expect

When a Baltimore police officer pulls you over on suspicion of DUI, it can be a very scary situation.  You will want to know how to deal with it properly, both before and after any arrest is made.  But whether you read any further or not, know that finding a good DUI lawyer is the most important step to getting yourself back on track!

Chemical Tests such as Breath Test

In the state of Maryland implied consent laws exists that essentially force drivers to consent to BAC testing.  Refusal to take the test will result in up to a full year suspension of your driver license.  It is recommended that you consent to such tests since even if your BAC is tested above the .08 legal limit, the maximum license suspension is 60 days.  If you do refuse the test, the officer must inform you of the penalties for test refusal.

The Breath Test: In Baltimore (and Maryland generally), a breath test cannot be administered by just any person, including the officer.  The person administering the test must be a “qualified person” using approved instruments.

Blood Test: A blood test for police testing has to be taken within two hours of driving and must be administered by a licensed professional.

If You Are Arrested for DUI in Baltimore:

While the DUI BAC limit is .08, you can still be arrested on a different charge, DWI, if you have a BAC of .07.

Your license will almost certainly be confiscated by the officer, and you will be given a temporary license. By law you only have 10 days to request a hearing.  If you do not request the hearing within this time limit, your license is gone for a long period of time.

You need to find a good DUI lawyer as soon as possible.  Your lawyer should have the right experience in DUI cases and the ability to focus the necessary time on your case.  Learn how to find the best DUI lawyer in Baltimore for you.

If You Are Convicted of DUI in Baltimore:

If you are convicted for DUI for the first time in the state of Maryland, you can expect some combination of several possible punishments.  These include:

Alcohol education program

Up to $1000 in fines

Up to 12 months of jail

Driver license suspension of up to 60 days

8 points on your record

You can also expect your insurance premiums to increase dramatically.


Being convicted on a second, third, or other number of DUI charge, the potential consequences go up dramatically.  Being arrested for DUI in Baltimore is no laughing matter. Be sure to find the best possible representation you can find.

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